About Reading Railway Club

Also known as The Reading Railway Pub-

Reading Railway Club came into being after the demise of GWRSA (Great Western Railway Staff Association) and the BRSA (British Rail Staff Association).

We are a welcoming bunch, and would like to invite you to visit us for a drink, perhaps a game of darts, pool or even cards.

We serve a range of beers, ciders, ales, spirits, and wine. While our stock may not be extensive, we do stock the most popular items at reasonable prices.

The history of the building is vague, but from what we do know is that it was built around 1892 when the original Brunel Station was re-modeled and rebuilt into the station that existed before the New one we have now. Originally built as stables for horses that pulled delivery carts around the town. If you have any further information please email chair.readingrail@hotmail.com.

Rail Club Logo
The Logo of the Reading Railway Club.
The left shield represents London and the right shield represents Bristol. The line passes through Reading